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Excel Intermediate Part 1

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Class Date/Time
Date(s) - October 9, 2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Class Location:
2201 Airport Freeway Bedford, TX 76021

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Class Outline

This class is designed for people who have a basic knowledge of Excel, and who want to increase their knowledge of the practical uses of Excel. By the completion of this class, participants will have a thorough knowledge of using Excel to manage data in multiple sheets in an Excel workbook. Excel Intermediate Part 1 is focused on managing your data through the of a variety of Excel features and functions. After taking this class, we highly recommend taking the Excel Intermediate Part 2 class which is focused on presenting your data.


1 Day


The class has been designed for users of Excel who have a basic knowledge of Excel.


Participants must have basic knowledge of entering data, formatting and simple formulas.  Participants will need to be familiar with the topics covered in the Excel Introduction course.

Course Content:

  • Tables Overview
  • Table Structured Cell References
  • Table Styles
  • Table Options
  • Table Slicers
  • Converting Tables to Ranges
  • Removing Duplicate Rows
Range Names
  • Range Names Overview
  • Navigating Range Names
  • Creating Range Names
  • Creating Range Names in Bulk
  • Assigning Range Names
  • Using Range Names in Formulas
  • Managing Range Names
  • Functions Overview
  • Functions vs Formulas
  • Why Use Functions?
Date and Time functions
  • NOW Function
  • TODAY Function
  • YEAR Function
  • MONTH Function
  • DATE Function
  • DAYS Function
Statistical functions
  • SUM Function
  • AVERAGE Function
  • MIN Function
  • MAX Function
  • MEDIAN Function
  • COUNT Function
  • COUNTA Function
  • COUNTBLANK Function
Text functions
  • CONCAT Function
  • PROPER Function
  • UPPER Function
  • LOWER Function
  • LEFT Function
  • RIGHT Function
  • MID Function
  • TRIM Function
  • LEN Function
  • FIND Function
Logical Functions
  • IF Function
  • IFS Function
  • Nested IFs Function
  • AND Function
  • OR Function
  • COUNTIF Function
  • COUNTIFS Function
  • SUMIF Function
  • SUMIFS Function
  • AVERAGEIF Function
  • AVERAGEIFS Function
Lookup Functions
  • VLOOKUP Function
  • HLOOKUP Function
  • INDEX Function
  • MATCH< Function
Flash Fill
  • Using Flash Fill
  • Troubleshooting Flash Fill
  • Limitations of Flash Fill

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