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Private Excel Group Classes

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We offer all of our public Microsoft Excel classes as private classes for your organization, as well as we can create customized classes specific to your organization.

We’ll help your business get the most from its Microsoft Excel … not by just showing your company’s employees how to use MS Excel … but by training them in how to get the most out of them. To make the software work harder and smarter and do things the manuals don’t cover.

We would love to provide a free consultation and price quote to you. If interested call us at 817-841-9560 or please fill out our contact us form.

LocationDurationClass SizeCost Per Class
Client Location1 DayUp to 5 Students
Up to 10 Students
Up to 15 Students
Client Location2 DayUp to 5 Students
Up to 10 Students
Up to 15 Students
Client Location3 DayUp to 5 Students
Up to 10 Students
Up to 15 Students
DFW Excel Location1 DayUp to 5 Students
Up to 10 Students
Up to 15 Students
DFW Excel Location2 DayUp to 5 Students
Up to 10 Students
Up to 15 Students
DFW Excel Location3 DayUp to 5 Students
Up to 10 Students
Up to 15 Students

Private Class Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide the class at our company location?
Yes, for private classes we can provide the class at your organization’s office or we can provide a training location nearby your office.
Do you all provide training computers for the private classes?

Yes, we can provide training computers for your class. If we provide the training location, we will provide everything needed for the class. If the class is at your organization’s location, you can provide the training computers or DFW Excel Experts can provide the training computers for $75 a computer per day. Our training computers are all-in-one computers with very large screens and full size keyboards, perfect for hands-on Excel training classes. These training computers are a much better alternative compared to standard laptops.

What version of Excel do you all use for training?

All of our training computers will have the latest version of Excel Office 365. Most of our training material will work on both Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Do you all provide 2 instructors at private classes?

We provide 2 instructors at all of our private and public classes. The two instructor approach ensures all students stay engaged and that no student is left behind during the training. We are the only one in industry that provides 2 instructors at every class.

We have a conference room but not a computer training room. Do we need a computer training room?
We can turn any conference room into a training room. All you need to provide is the tables and chairs, and we can provide everything else including the computers, projector, and projector screen.
1 on 1 Excel Classes

For the past 10 years we have provided 1 on 1 private classes to new analysts all the way up to senior sales and marketing leaders at Fortune 500 companies. No matter what your goal is, we promise you that we can help you achieve it faster, easier, and more effectively than anywhere else.

Reasons for a 1 on 1 Private Class

  • New Job: You just got a new job and you need to ramp up quickly on Microsoft Excel. You can’t wait till the next public class, and need an immediate Microsoft Excel class so that you can effectively do your job at your company.
  • Job Interview: For most professional jobs the expectation is that you know how to use Microsoft Excel, therefore you need to know how to walk the walk and talk the talk in order present yourself as a viable candidate.
  • Busy Executive: You are a busy an executive that does not have time to attend a public class. You need a quick one on one class to get you up to speed on Microsoft Excel.
  • Upcoming Project: You have an upcoming project that requires Microsoft Excel skills and you have no time to lose.
  • Learn Better in 1 on 1 Environment: You learn and absorb more efficiently in a 1 on 1 setting rather than in a group learning setting.

No matter what your situation is, you may just learn faster and more efficiently in a 1 on 1 setting, we are here to quickly get you ramped up on the Microsoft Excel skills you need to be successful at your job. We can teach one of our public classes in our 1 on 1 class or we can customize the class to meet your exact needs. The private 1 on 1 classes are $995 for a 1 day class and can be done at your location, our location, or via an online meeting. If you would like to schedule a private 1 on 1 class, please use our Contact Us form or call us at 817-841-9560.

One on One Excel Classes

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